Friday, 16 August 2013

More Free Advertising and marketing Tools

   I have been searching the internet for more Free Tools to help you market your products and Businesses again.
   I have been lucky enough to have some fantastic friends out there also looking for ways to advertise. A friend of mine by the name of Claudio suggested I take a look at 2 ways he has found.
These are:
Tweib - A social network site specifically designed to advertise.
Easydownlines - A site that will help build your downlines for you.

I also have found some more myself:
24/7 Backlinks - A site where you can advertise to backlinks.
Paid To Build Your List - A site where you can get paid to 
grow your list.

This next one is NOT FREE but I have found it so effective with my own advertising that  I thought I must share it with you.

AdFly - A site where you can advertise and also shorten long URL's. The URL shortening is totally Free.